Design Your Basement with Floorplanner

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Design your basement in a matter of minutes with the easiest FREE floor plan design app on the market, Floorplanner.


This application allows you to draw rooms, insert flooring, place doors and windows, add furniture, and even add people. It’s the fastest way to visualize what your basement will look like and really make it come to life. Best of all, you can view it in 2D and in 3D.

Here is how it works:

Go to and create an account with your email address. You don’t need to download anything, it’s a software that you can use right in your browser, just sign up and login.

To draw walls, click and drag across the page to the desired length. It will automatically measure the distance of the wall and to customize it you can double click on the measurement to type in the length. You can continue on drawing the exterior basement walls and customize the distance to match your basement.


Next you can draw the interior walls and divide up the rooms you would like to have in your basement. Remember, your interior walls are going to have a different width than the exterior walls (which are probably concrete). If you are like me and will have 2×4’s for framing then you can make the interior wall 4″ wide.


Once you have completed drawing all interior walls you can now add doors and windows. On the left hand tab it says “Place Structural Units” and you can click on doors, windows and stairs. You will see a large assortment of structures and you can easily turn them to open and shut in the direction you want or position them to look like your basement stairs. Click on either doors, windows, or stairs and you can customize the height and width.

Designating rooms is really easy too. There is a tab that says “Set Room Type” and you just click and drag the room type and drop it into the room.


(It is starting to come to life isn’t it? Just wait until we add people, it will look like The Sims.)

Adding different types of flooring is a great option that Floorplanner provides. Click on the paint brush that is on the blue tab and then click on “Materials”. You can scroll through and view them all or search for things like “Carpet” and it will show the different options.


Now the fun really begins. You can add furniture to your rooms as well as people and pets! Similar to the floor material, click on the tab that says “All Furniture” and you will have options for bedroom furniture, bathroom vanities, and so on. You can click and drag things to position them where you want, change the dimensions and really bring the floor plan to life.


Lastly, the best part of Floorplanner is the ability to view in 3D! I’m sure you have already clicked on it by now since it is in the top right corner by itself but I like to wait until the end to view it. You can click and drag the floor level in any direction you want this will help you see the really fine details.


Amazing isn’t it?

You can show off to everyone how cool your basement is going to be by downloading the Floorplanner app on your phone and view it very easily. Just like in your browser, you can view the floor plan on your phone in 3D or 2D.


They have an additional feature on the phone called “Walkthrough.” With Walkthrough you can view your basement through your phone. If you point your phone up or down it emulates looking up and down in your basement. Use your finger to move around the floor like you are actually walking and looking around. I love this feature.

Check it out, it’s a flat screen on my built in shelf (construction in progress):


A new bedroom for my in laws:


So that is Floorplanner, I highly recommend them. Check them out at

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