Return Policy

Return Policy

If Purchased via

If you purchased your speakers directly from and decide to return them for any reason, contact and follow their return procedures at

If Purchased via 30 Day Audition Returns

If you initiated your purchase from the website and decide within the 30 day period to return your speakers, you must contact us by phone or email before the end of the 30 days to initiate the return process.

Shipping Box Damaged in Shipping

Please contact the shipper immediately and follow their return process.

Shipping Box Unopened

If you decide to return your Vanatoo shipment unopened, you will receive a full refund less return shipping costs. Please contact us by phone or to initiate the return process.

Warranty Period Return Process

All Vanatoo speaker products carry a 3 year limited non-transferrable warranty from the date of purchase. If there is a defect that is covered under our warranty, contact us by phone or email and we’ll initiate the return process.

We ask that you to pay the initial shipping or transportation charges to return the defective product to Vanatoo. Vanatoo will be responsible for all shipping charges associated with shipping the product back once the defect has been corrected. If a repair is not needed or not under warranty, you will be responsible for shipping charges associated with shipping the product back to you.

We recommend insuring the shipment in case the carrier damages the product in shipment. Vanatoo is not responsible for any shipping damage due to improper packing of return products.

What if I no longer have the original packing materials?

It is essential that Vanatoo speakers be returned in their original undamaged packaging, as it was specifically designed to ensure safe transport. If you did not retain the original packaging, contact us and we will send you a new set of packaging at a nominal fee.